marți, 29 iulie 2014

sold !

happy new owner, ovidiu, for the amen springer!

luni, 28 iulie 2014

news ! ! !

i thought that i have a amen gas tank... but after a close look on the inside of the mounting tab, i see that is a original 70' paugcho made in north hollywood! a piece of history ,build back in usa and chopped in romania!

duminică, 27 iulie 2014


what you can see when you cut a 60' gas tank :))

sportsty! ! !

i start to colect old parts for my sportsty! for this project i want to use only old ,used and rusty parts with stories to tell.....
we got:- 90' sportsty 883 with 1200 bore
           -70' showa full chrome ,with nice patina
           -60' csiby head light
           -70' amen gas tank (it will be narrow)
           -old pipes by c.n.l.
           -narrow front wheel with mini disc
           -60' replica flat fender.....
conversion kit from electonic ignition to points.
it will have a rigid frame by anarchy!
support underground!


marți, 15 iulie 2014

duminică, 13 iulie 2014

project done: fat racer! ! !

it is a caffe race.... a bobber... its madness! ! !
anarchy custom presents you: fat racer!
done in 3 weeks!
support the underground

joi, 10 iulie 2014

more progress :))

seat ,front fender and "caffe look" on the rear...
this is official the first bike that i build, with two person seat :))

duminică, 6 iulie 2014

miercuri, 2 iulie 2014

new project in the house !

gs 400... nice bike, a classic one. lets see how it will end like a caffe racer!
marc,the owner and bebe

marți, 1 iulie 2014

anarchy custom crew on the road!

it's been hard times for anarchy custom.... beers.... rides.... beers.... rides.... you know. hard times!:))
presenting our work on biggest romanian bike fest, m.a.n. romania 2014! thanks mates for invitation!
italian beauty wins another 1st best custom contest!
great times,see old friends and making new ones, beers, food and rock&roll!
after these 2 hard weeks what can i tell you: stop chasing shadows, just enjoy the ride!