marți, 31 decembrie 2013


so, after 4 days of hard kicks, and a lots of kick back, a strong pain for my right foot, the morini starts!
its runs great lot of power from the old morini 500 engine, but it is great pleasure to ride a morini ( trust my).
i know its the last day for 2013, and i will start the new year with the morini at full gas. we heave to do some small finishes, re check everything , and ride the hell out of that bike.
   i will stop write ,and let the photos talk.
i wish for all a happy new year and tons of projects, and more horse power and.... fuck... we wish for you what you want! :)
  p.s. another bike is in our garage. this time is not our style, i do not even like the bike, but i like the power and the big engine... so guess , its a suzuki vzr 1800, we need to paint the bike, change the cam chains, and some small toches. pics soon

miercuri, 18 decembrie 2013


Sooo... i know ,we are fast :))  the ITALIAN BEAUTY is almost done. few things to do, and is finish... i hope i will ride the beast this year :)
if we finish the morini and the vt 500 , we are proud to say that ANARCHY CUSTOM has build 5 bikes this year, and a few small modification....

duminică, 15 decembrie 2013


       Looks like the morini's engine is in good shape, and ready for RACE :))
Strip down the entire engine, check all the parts ( everything looks like new!) changed all the gaskets ,weld a new kickstarter pedal (wl new pedal), paint the bottom and the top ends.                                                           Its start to get in the right way.... the ANARCHY CUSTOM way ! ! !

luni, 9 decembrie 2013

New paint for MORINI !

because its a italian bike, i paint the bike in italian flag colors.

duminică, 1 decembrie 2013


its time to build a springer, what materials we need... 2 meters of 35mm pipe, 1 meter of 50x10mm flat steel, and 1 meter of 50x5mm flat steel. pics with the finish part, soon


The exhaust is done for the morini, and we use a nice BIRD DEFLECTOR for the Dellorto carb, and a 5 coin for choke :)