marți, 31 decembrie 2013


so, after 4 days of hard kicks, and a lots of kick back, a strong pain for my right foot, the morini starts!
its runs great lot of power from the old morini 500 engine, but it is great pleasure to ride a morini ( trust my).
i know its the last day for 2013, and i will start the new year with the morini at full gas. we heave to do some small finishes, re check everything , and ride the hell out of that bike.
   i will stop write ,and let the photos talk.
i wish for all a happy new year and tons of projects, and more horse power and.... fuck... we wish for you what you want! :)
  p.s. another bike is in our garage. this time is not our style, i do not even like the bike, but i like the power and the big engine... so guess , its a suzuki vzr 1800, we need to paint the bike, change the cam chains, and some small toches. pics soon

miercuri, 18 decembrie 2013


Sooo... i know ,we are fast :))  the ITALIAN BEAUTY is almost done. few things to do, and is finish... i hope i will ride the beast this year :)
if we finish the morini and the vt 500 , we are proud to say that ANARCHY CUSTOM has build 5 bikes this year, and a few small modification....

duminică, 15 decembrie 2013


       Looks like the morini's engine is in good shape, and ready for RACE :))
Strip down the entire engine, check all the parts ( everything looks like new!) changed all the gaskets ,weld a new kickstarter pedal (wl new pedal), paint the bottom and the top ends.                                                           Its start to get in the right way.... the ANARCHY CUSTOM way ! ! !

luni, 9 decembrie 2013

New paint for MORINI !

because its a italian bike, i paint the bike in italian flag colors.

duminică, 1 decembrie 2013


its time to build a springer, what materials we need... 2 meters of 35mm pipe, 1 meter of 50x10mm flat steel, and 1 meter of 50x5mm flat steel. pics with the finish part, soon


The exhaust is done for the morini, and we use a nice BIRD DEFLECTOR for the Dellorto carb, and a 5 coin for choke :)

sâmbătă, 23 noiembrie 2013


i build this bike at 13 years old, when normal kids plays with ball, "special ones" build rigid frames :))
so, its a romanian engine MOBRA 50, hand made frame, rigid front , car wheel for the back (cutted the interior and drilled for spokes) .....


Just found this old pic on the net, with the MASTER PIECE
its a ZZR with turbo, build by ANARCHY , 4 years ago....

vineri, 22 noiembrie 2013

sâmbătă, 16 noiembrie 2013


old morini starts to get shape... all the part are only in primer, and no polish for aluminum and bronze....for this bike we use one of a kind handlebars, bmx style with some anarchy in it :)

miercuri, 30 octombrie 2013


this project is something new ,because is a italian bike.... and is not an usual italian bike, is a MOTO MORINI 500 v-twin electric and kickstart (of course, we cut down the electric starter :))
new hand made gas tank(is not finished here), one dellorto carb, intake build by us, the magneto is on the way to us, and bigger pistons... anarchy custom hard tail frame ( is already painted in primer)

joi, 24 octombrie 2013


 nice gift from JOHN ,a hand made solo seat


REAL CUSTOM ! ! ! :))
I ALMOST SHIT ON MY PANTS :))) (its a morini engine, for a project)

WISH :))

bee careful what you want ,ladies :))

luni, 21 octombrie 2013

suzuki gs 500

just some HQ pictures...

sâmbătă, 12 octombrie 2013


its not look like a pure caffe ,but for me the perfect racer is with some chop, bob and old school details and shapes(i do not like the new age caffe ,because are make all the same).... so.... the bike is almost done, pictures and videos soon. if you want a bike like these, email at:
p.s. this bike is already sold, but we can build one in one-two months (depends of the build) and for price, email.